There were once no low-cost airlines in Argentina. Domestic flights were outrageous. As in most South American countries, it made more sense to take long-distance buses.

I took a 20 hour bus to Iguazu and spent 24 hours together in Bariloche. There were dark days. Luckily Argentina now has low cost airlines!

Flybondi is the best thing that happens to me in Argentina after my Argentinian husband (and it’s very close to the others). You can get domestic flights for $ 10-20 US direction. See you 24 hours by bus!

Just know, it’s very similar to Ryan Air, so if you travel a lot with suitcases or want to pick a seat, expect nickel and a penny. However, I negotiate pretty well on the price of basement tickets.


January is the height of summer in Argentina, and that’s when the locals spend their holidays. It’s a busy season everywhere. It’s busy everywhere and dear ones.

If you can avoid a visit to Argentina in January, do so. Buenos Aires is the only place in the country that is empty because they are all away from their holidays. However, it is very hot and humid. So you win, you lose.

Meals are slow and casual

In the United States, we eat so fast. Sometimes waiters bring bill before asking for it! But in Argentina, the concept of turnover does not exist. The meals and company you are with are meant to be enjoyed.

Don’t rush through the meal. Eat like a local and enjoy the experience. The service is not bad as the waitress will leave you alone. He will just give you your place.

If you want to drink, make eye contact with your waiter. The same goes for the bill. Otherwise, you can drink wine, take a deep breath and relax. You are in Argentina!


Information about accommodation. The VAT (VAT) in Argentina is very high, 21%, so it’s a huge savings. All you have to do is pay with a foreign credit card and show your passport.

This includes the room rate for all types of accommodation and includes breakfast if included. All other costs are paid and taxed separately. For example, we lived in a hotel that was full board and paid taxes on meals and activities.