Beef has played an important role in Argentine history since the conquerors brought livestock to the land in the 16th century. Fast forward a few centuries, and the steak remains a symbol of the local culture.

Gauchot, palace facilities, weekly family rosters, steakhouses, and strong exports represent the importance of red meat to Argentina’s culture and economy. All the best food and South American travel shows include Argentinian beef. So when we are in Buenos Aires we naturally eat their weight like steaks. This post will guide you to the best experience possible and teach you to order like a local and best steakhouse in Buenos Aires.


First, in our steak vokab class, what’s the difference between parilla and asado? One is the place and the thing, the other is the event.

The couple has the name of the restaurant and also the grill itself. If you want to dine in a Buenos Aires steakhouse this is a couple. The meat is grilled on the grill. In the menu you will see meat and chicken called “a la parilla” (actually grilled chicken).

Asado is a barbecue event at someone’s home. They hope to welcome asado by grilling the meat in their pairs.

(Asado is also a piece of meat. Tira de asado is ribs and apa de asado is brisket.)

Families traditionally spend every Sunday together with a weekly meal, usually an afternoon asado. Asados ​​are enjoyed with friends and loved ones and can last for hours enjoying the meat (with plenty of Malbec to wash it down).

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Asados ​​are local experiences and are not easily accessible to tourists, but if you want to experience them and learn to grill like an Argentinian, there are excursions and experiences to make you feel local.

The Asado Experience is the best way to do it. You will see how to do it, you will learn the recipes and best of all, eat all the meat and drink all the wines.

Unless you have your own Argentinian friends grilling for you, this is the only way to experience authentic asado. And I can recommend it, if you consider yourself a foodie there is nothing quite like it. Book your asado here.

Red meat and wine, ice cream are also a daily sight in the Argentinian diet. Here you will find everything about Argentinian ice cream, because it is probably your asado dessert!


You were on a grill. The menu is divided for you. What now?

Here’s what to order, how and when.


First you have to order wine! Live a little. Break down and buy a large bottle of Malbec for a fraction of what it costs in the US or Europe.

Order a table tennis for a unique experience. Domestic wines are sometimes delivered in bulk (usually in a five-liter bottle called dama yuan). If you order a penguin (red or white, there’s no black here) you’ll get a quart of house wine in a penguin-shaped pitcher.


The first class, before the stars of the show, is the achura time. These are served for the first time both in asado and in the grill. Sweet meat, black pudding, chorizo ​​and other intestines … choose your poison. Because I am convinced that if you don’t eat a colon, why start now, I like to catch chorizo ​​and provoletasta (cheese).