If you are a carnivore, welcome to paradise. Argentina is good for beef.

Visit the city’s many steakhouses. Read the Buenos Aires Steak Guide of my favorite restaurants and learn how to navigate the menu.

You can easily spend a week or two trying to sample the best things to eat in Buenos Aires. There’s a lot more than just steak, such as empanada, pizza, pasta and a whole world of sweets.

If you don’t have that time, book a night at The Argentina Experience. This one evening cooking class is very popular. It’s actually more than a classroom, it’s an interactive dining experience.

You can enjoy the perfect Argentinian asado (barbecue) with Malbec cocktails and learn all about each class. Learn to do empanada and end the evening with classes with yerba mate and alfajores.

Go wine tasting

There are two national drinks in Argentina: yerba mate and of course wine! Wine tasting is one of the best things to do in Buenos Aires the night before the sad dinner begins.

In recent years, wine bars have opened all over the city. The owners are passionate about their wine, and you’ll usually find rare bottles that you don’t see on supermarket shelves.

A few of my favorites are Bread and Wine, Vico and Hache (all in Palermo). Try great wines at one of these bars with advice from the waiter.

If you want to refine and learn more about the history of wine in Argentina, book this Palermo wine tour. Try Malbec with a knowledgeable wine friend at the art gallery before moving on to a proper tasting at one of Palermo’s best wine bars.


No trip to Buenos Aires is complete without a visit to the Recoleta Cemetery. And if your plans allow it, I recommend visiting on the weekend.

A craft market is held every Saturday and Sunday in the square in front of the cemetery. It’s one of my favorite ways to spend a fun afternoon in the afternoon.

Collect unique souvenirs and watch street performers sit on the grass.

Visit all of the nearby attractions of Recolta: the cemetery, the Floralis Generica flower statue (stop to enjoy the view of the law school if you walk from the pedestrian bridge) and the elegant mansions of Avenida Alvear in Paris.