Buenos Aires is one of the best cities in the world for street art. Loose rules require that the artist only needs permission from the building owner.

Many homeowners even hire artists to decorate their facades, so leave the idea of ​​smashed graffiti at the door. Buenos Aires street art is pure and simple art.

It’s everywhere too. You don’t need much help to find the best murals in town, just keep your eyes peeled after exploring.

I can find the most famous songs or the best wall murals full of murals by reading the Buenos Aires Street Art Guide.

To learn more about the significance of murals and artists, take this Palermo street art-focused walking tour. You will dive deep into the political history of the city and how it created the current street art culture you see today.


While most major cities have a list of iconic sights to see while walking, the best way to see Buenos Aires is to experience the neighborhoods.

One of the best bars in Buenos Aires is without a doubt Palermo. The neighborhood is huge and is divided into a number of mini-cities of all kinds.

Of these, my favorite is Palermo Soho. This area, especially around Plaza Armenia and Plaza Serrano, is full of cute shops, sidewalk cafes, bars, the city’s best restaurants and some of the city’s best street art.

Spend all afternoon here wandering and pampering yourself. I recommend you save it for the day when you are tired of the live tour and need a relaxing day.

For a tour (or rather shopping!), Have a beer on one of the many rooftop terraces or in the pedestrian cafe under the canopy of trees that lean over the cobblestones.

For dinner, cross Juan B. Justo street in Palermo, Hollywood, another part of Palermo. Restaurants and bars represent the best nightlife in the city.


Soak up the culture of Argentina’s countryside on a day trip to one of the many working farms in the countryside around Buenos Aires. The best administrators in the Buenos Aires area offer all the planned activities called dia de Campo all day long and include transport to and from the city. A snack awaits you upon arrival, probably empanadas with wine or pastries with coffee to start the day.

The actual itinerary varies depending on the Estancia area, but all offer about the same: horseback riding, a full asado lunch, a folk music performance, and a tea break at the end of the day. If you want to see one of the most charming small towns in Argentina, combine your visit to Estancia with a visit to San Antonio de Areco.