The Best Beaches in Argentina

6 of the Best Beaches in Argentina

Argentina, the eighth-largest country in the world, with a coastal area that is approximately 5,000 kilometers long, it is no wonder many travel the world to enjoy the sun and lay on one of its many fantastic beaches.

Its waters are delightfully refreshing being influenced by two currents, the warm Brazil current, and the cooler Falklands Current, so no matter the beach you choose, you will have a great time swimming and walking along its white sands.

#1 – Miramar Beach, Buenos Aires

This beach in Buenos Aires is a popular destination if you want a great combination of both the beach and the scenic trails that run parallel. A great family vacation spot where the waters are safe and the dining option is both casual and affordable.

The name comes from the combination of the words Mira (view) and Mar (sea) and is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach stretches about 20 kilometers along and you can enjoy a variety of activities, from volleyball to horseback riding.

Miramar Beach Argentina

#2 – Mar Del Plata

One of the more tourist-favored hotspots, the Mar del Plata sees crowds flock to its beaches every summer. The perfect location for scuba diving, sailing, fishing, and even golfing; this beach has it all, especially if you are looking for lots of excitement and activities for everyone.

When you are done with the daytime activities there are plenty of restaurants and bars to keep you going all night long. It is definitely the place to be as it is the second largest city in Buenos Aires Province, and is worth checking out.

Mar del Plata Argentina

#3 – Villa Gesell

If a crowd is really not your style then you may prefer to visit the seaside beach that resides in the tranquil town of Villa Gesell, located an hour north of Mar Del Plata. This beach is known for its white sand and strong winds, making it perfect for those who love to surf.

Be sure to check out Wendy’s, a well-known, and historic, wooden pirate-themed restaurant with the family, easily accessed on the beach. Villa Gesell was founded in 1931 and originally was simply surrounded by dunes but was later afforested into greener surroundings.

Villa Gesell Beach

#4 – Puerto Madryn

If seeing exotic animals is more your thing, then this the beach for you. This beach practically screams picture perfect postcard with its captivating scenery and its one-of-a-kind whale spotting. You may even capture a few pictures of penguins and elephant seals if you choose to take one of the local sightseeing boat tours.

To capture the amazing marine wildlife that visits this city’s bays be sure to visit this locale between the months of June and October. Once you have finished your day of animal watching, the beach, and the local museums, you’ll love to treat yourself to some delicious local seafood.

Puetro Madryn Beach

#5 – Las Grutas, Rio Negro

Located more to the south, compared to the other beaches previously mentioned, will bring you to a lesser-known beach destination that will definitely leave you feeling relaxed. Here, the water is warmer than those more northern and the beaches are known for their very white sand.

Las Grutas, which means the caves is not surprisingly surrounded by picturesque cliffs that have been eroded over time by the tide. If you are lucky to come during low tide you may find water in one of the artificially carved pools that are more like hot tubs due to the warmth of the sun beating down on them.

Las Grutas Beach

#6 – Mar de Ajó

This town offers one of the top beaches in Argentina for family vacations. Founded in 1935 as a fishing village it has grown over the years and is now home to Atlántida Argentina University and other historical buildings.

Activities are varied, from fishing off the town pier to playing tejo in the local courts. There are a variety of shipwrecks that can be visited in the city’s ship graveyard; the German Margaretha a shipwreck from 1880 is not to be missed. You will also want to play at the arcades, the local casino, and eat some pizza along the main strip. In Mar de Ajó, it is more than just a beach.

If you are planning a visit to Argentina you will find that there is a lot to do in any of the coast-side cities. Whether you like to sun yourself all day on the beach, see some local marine life, play some local sports, or enjoy some water sports, Argentina and her beaches have it all.

Mar de Ajo Beach