The Best Beaches in Peru

9 Best Beaches in Peru

There are over 2,400 kilometers worth of beaches in Perú, those with soft, sandy beaches to those with impressive cliffs and waves that crash up against them. If you are trying to decide which one to go to, it is a good idea to know what you are looking for in a beach. Read on to discover the top beaches in Perú.

#1 – Playa De La Mina

Known as The Secret Beach; it resides in the desert and is surrounded by water and rock landscape, it offers the visitor clear, clean waters and soft sand in which to sink your toes. The water is cool and the waves are loud due to the strong winds that the surrounding cliff encompasses. It is located deep within the Paracàs National Reserve, south of Lima and is sunny all year long.

Playa de la Mina


#2 – Playa Huanchaco, Trujillo

This beach is what you want if it is surfing that you seek. The best waves are between the months of April and October, but the beach is open year-round to accommodate all surfers from around the world. The residing town is also known for its historical sites. While most come for the surfing, a tour of the ancient city and a taste of seafood from its numerous restaurants are also a must to check off the to-do list.

Playa Huanchaco

#3 – Playa Punta Sal

Located on the Northern coast, approximately an hour’s trip from the city, this beach allows you the opportunity to go diving, fishing, camping, or even go horseback riding along the beach. Here you will find gentle, calming waves, lots of shopping and plenty of restaurants to visit.

Playa Punta Sal

#4 – Máncora, Piura

This particular area of Perú originally served as a remote fishing village. Now, it resides along a boardwalk with no end of restaurants, bars, and shops. If you are seeking an affluent vibe, along with turquoise waters and lots of beach resorts, then be sure to check out this beach with a population of 10,000.

Mancora Beach Peru

#5 – Zorritos

Lying just south of Tumbes and of the Ecuadorian border, this beach spot is sometimes forgotten about due to the many other beaches that scatter the coast of Perú; it completes the stretch of the Northern-most beaches. Here you will find nice waters, soft sand, and thatched-roofed cabañas, perfect for a day of relaxing.

Zorritos Beach

#6 – Playa Vichayito

Located between Organos and Pocitas beach, this playa offers a long stretch of white sand where visitors can relax and watch the sunset while the whales swim by or maybe you want to swim in the water with the turtles? You can even choose to go kayaking in the beautiful turquoise waters or go horseback riding along the beach, plenty of options for any beach-goer.

Playa Vichayito

#7 – Playa Roja

Come see the colored sandstone which has been made over time due to the volcanic and has resulted in a cliff that overlooks the water. You can easily access the beach by bike from the nearby town of Paracàs. Along with the abundant wildlife, including a variety of birds, the red sands, for which this beach is named, are not to be missed!

Playa Roja Peru

#8 – Playa Santa Maria Del Mar

A great beach for those who love to go boating where the views are of the adjacent sand and buildings nestled in the surrounding rocky hills. You can rent an apartment for days at a time, enjoy the safe and clean beach thanks to the roped off areas in the water for swimming, and rent a kayak to take out on the water. Don’t forget to indulge in some ice cream sold right along the beach, a great treat for any little ones.

Playa Santa Maria del Mar Peru

#9 – Miraflores, The City Beach

Although one of the more tourist-filled beaches, this locale offers the backdrop of the city and paragliders hovering above the beach below. Check out the local shopping center which is a stone throw away from the beach, as well as one-of-a-kind water views that are surrounded with lush greenery.

Perú is full of beaches for all kinds of people to explore. For those who want to relax and sunbathe to those who are looking for more of an adventure and want to try boating, snorkeling, surfing, or even paragliding.

Whether you are there to visit some of the unique rock cliffsides, the red sandy beaches, or its wildlife there is a beach that offers what you are seeking. All you have to do is pick one of the above top beaches, grab your bathing suit and towel and you are on your way.

Miraflores Beach Peru