Top 5 Activities for Experienced and First-Time Argentina Tourists

Top 5 Activities for Experienced and First-Time Argentina Tourists

When in Argentina…

Some people may come to Argentina with certain expectations and leave with a completely new set of ideas about the place. The country can take any new comer on a rollercoaster ride through towns with European style old buildings sprinkled among examples of modern architecture and then from exotic to glacial wildlife. People who love spending their holidays in the outdoors will have the time of their lives with so many opportunities to take in the amazing and unique scenery. But so will the foodies and the wine lovers, the people who like to take city breaks and romantic walks on cobbled streets. There is something for everyone in Argentina.

 5 activities for tourists to do in Argentina

 1. Tango. See it. Learn it. Dance it. Enjoy it

It does not even matter if you have a thing for tango yet or not. It is impossible to visit Argentina and not get the dance bug. You can experience it on the street, in clubs and special shows or in some of the classes included in the tours. This is a very captivating form of social dance you will love to practice as well as to watch others perform.

Tango is an expression of Argentinean culture and we have no doubt you will easily find someone to give you a few quick classes even if you are on vacation. Locals dance tango on the streets on a daily basis in places like the Plazza Dorego in Buenos Aires. You are more than welcome to join in and learn a few moves. And if you are making the trip to Argentina especially for the tango classes, you sure have your pick of great studios.

2. Indulge. Eat, drink and relax

You cannot be a foodie and NOT have Argentina on your to visit list. The wines and the beef steaks alone should get you thinking about booking a ticket right away. One of the most relaxing and pleasant activities Argentina is known for is going on one of numerous wine tours. Pair this with restaurants known for their good steaks and you have a winning combination. Wineries and restaurants are inviting, beautifully decorated and perfectly set in the middle of breath-taking scenery.

But this is not all. Ever heard of empanadas? These are small calzones with different types of fillings most common in the North-West regions. You will also have the opportunity to try the Argentinean breakfast, consisting in coffee with milk and semilunas (small croissants). And there is also the mate you will need to try. This is an infusion of bitter, chopped herbs they drink out of a special cup called calabaza with a straw called bombilla.

 3. Visit the Andean villages in the North

Looking past the Hispanic influences of the Argentinean society, the Andean communities in the North of the country offer a completely different living experience. Cut off from the rest of the world, this is where you find the colorful soul of Argentina, among ruins of pre-Hispanic settlements and within people dressed in ponchos, wearing bright skirts and hats. If the city and the fancy wineries offer you an elegant choice of food, the Andean restaurants offer you llama stew (Cazuela de Llama), boiled potatoes with goat cheese and quinoa crepes. The experience is completely different here and it is worth every second in this unique setting.

 4. Enjoy the mountain side and the mountain activities

If you have a passion for the great outdoors, you will love Argentina. This is a place where every natural monument offers you an opportunity to hike, climb or ski. And who would not appreciate the changing scenery and the possibility to explore so many trails among glaciers and near waterfalls. Also, think how it must be to lay your feet on grounds which are the most prolific in the world when it comes to dinosaur fossil discoveries. The weight of the natural history of the place can be overwhelming for some, cathartic for others and eye-opening for all.

 5. Discover the city life of Argentina

What can you do in most cities in Argentina? Basically what you do in other great cities in the world. Buenos Aires has an exciting nightlife with clubs and dedicated tango joints, as we have already established above, there are fancy restaurants where you can leave your whole month’s salary and there are shopping districts that will have you convinced that next time you will bring one empty suitcase only for the souvenirs. What is the best thing about city life in Argentina and in Buenos Aires especially? The fact that you can still discover the soul of the region without ever leaving the safety of the cobbled streets and the shade of the Hispanic cathedrals.

To say that Argentina is a lovely country would be an understatement. Here, the terms “discovery” and “exploration” catch on a new meaning for those who are used to the more beaten paths on their exotic travels. It is a safe environment to experience something different and a great place to relax and put your feet up after a long day in the amazing scenery. A rich city life with buildings and monuments to visit, hiking trails with breath-taking views and natural monuments you did not know existed will keep you busy on this South American holiday.