Top 7 of the Coolest Things You May or May Not Know About Argentina

Top 7 of the Coolest Things You May or May Not Know About Argentina

The Argentina We Know and Love

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Argentina? You know some things but you are not sure whether they are related to Argentina or not? Here is an article that tells you at least some of the most important things that should come to mind. We are certain you know a little bit about all of them, but you did not know that you could associate them with this country. Read and learn and see which of these 7 coolest and best known things about Argentina sticks with you.

 7 coolest things you should know about Argentina

The birthplace of Tango

Imagini pentru Tango

Two people dancing the tango on the street

Tango is a partner dance also known as the “dance of love” and even from its early days it was a dance about love and relationships. It was considered “vertical love-making” and it is said to have started out in the Buenos Aires brothels.

Initially practiced by working class people, the dance, the first of its kind to call for improvisation, made its way to ballrooms. It became a craze when it caught on in Paris starting 1912 and it continued to spread throughout Europe. As of 2009, UNESCO included Tango on the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. Tango is now one of the most important types of ballroom dancing.

The best beef steaks in the world

Argentina is the third biggest beef producer in the world and the beef steaks that come from this country are among the biggest and the tastiest. It is virtually impossible for travelers to pass through any of the famous Argentinean towns and not get a taste of some delicious beef at any of the steakhouses.

But what makes this beef so delicious? The secret lies with what the cows eat, which is fresh Pampas grass, and the fact that they get to roam free. Free range animals live better lives and make for better quality meat than the animals brought up in crowded farms. The Asado barbecuing technique, which is a slow way of cooking the meat, is also responsible for the heavenly taste of the steak.


Imagini pentru eva peron

Eva and Juan Peron

The second wife of president Juan Peron is one of the most loved characters in Argentinean politics. She was born in 1934 in the Pampas and she moved to Buenos Aires where she met Colonel Juan Peron. They were married in 1945 and in 1946, Juan Peron was elected president of Argentina. Eva Peron ran the Labor and Health Ministries and she spoke in favor of trade unions, suffragettes and labor rights. She was loved by the common people but the military and the bourgeoisie opposed her and her candidacy as Vice-President. She died of cancer at the age of 33. Her life was the subject of the movie “Evita”, with Madonna playing the main role.

Great wine and wine tours

Argentina is the fifth biggest wine producer in the word. The first vine cuttings were brought here in 1557 and winemaking has since become a proud national tradition. About 90% of the wine produced in Argentina is consumed within the country. The most important wine regions are Mendoza, San Juan, Salta, Rio Negro and La Catamarca.

Patagonia – the land before time

This is the most prolific area for dinosaur fossil discoveries. More paleontological discoveries are being done here every day. Although the region of Patagonia is shared between Argentina and Chile, the Argentine region is where most such discoveries are being done. One of the largest specimens ever dug up was given the name Argentinosaurus Huinculensis.

Birthplace of Che Guevara

Imagini pentru che guevara

Iconic image of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara

Some people do not know this, but the great Cuban revolutionary was, in fact, from Argentina. He was born in Rosario on June 14, 1928.

Birthplace of football legends Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi

Imagini pentru maradona

Maradona during a football match

The football legend was born in Argentina. He is known for two record breaking transfer fees, amazing football skills such as dribbling, ball control, speed, reflexes and great coaching and management skills. His fans have started a church and pray to him like to a God.

Lionel Messi is the number one football player of the world. The hype around him is so high that officials had to ban the use of the name Messi in his hometown or else they risked having all children named the same way.

There you have it. These were only 7 of the coolest facts about Argentina. Next time someone asks you what you know about Argentina, you will know what to answer. And this was only the tip of the iceberg as there are many more things to find out about this incredible country. As you dig deeper in history, in culture and tradition, there are more amazing things to discover. Traveling to the place is always a great learning experience, but so is reading up about it beforehand.