Top 7 Things to Watch Out for on Your Exciting Trip to Lovely Argentina

Top 7 Things to Watch Out for on Your Exciting Trip to Lovely Argentina

Tips for First-Time Travelers to Argentina

One simply cannot travel to a foreign country and not do some research in advance. Surely, there are things you already know about Argentina. Like that it is the birthplace of the tango, that they have some of the best beef in the world and that it is a pretty safe place to be on a holiday. But just like any vacation destination, it has some things tourists need to watch out for or at least come prepared for. Taking into consideration these aspects will not rob you of the excitement of travel, but it may save you the trouble of having to deal with some holiday ruining issues.

7 travel tips you will find useful when going to Argentina

1. Money

Imagini pentru argentina pesos 2016

500 pesos bill

Argentina has one of the most fluctuating currencies in the world. Even so, paying in the local currency can be cheaper than constantly being charged in dollars or other foreign currencies. People will tend to ask for dollars if they hear a different language so it is best to have pesos on you and not in large bills. Few places can break larger bills so make sure you have the kind of money you need for specific types of expenses. Changing money is best done at banks and only large stores and expensive restaurants can give you change if you pay like that. There is counterfeit money going around, so expect people to double check larger bills and it would not hurt to do the same when a situation seems suspicious.

Card payments are available in large stores and in the big cities. Checking ahead to see whether there are ATMs in an area you are planning on travelling is a good idea.

2.Best time to travel

Spring is basically the best time to visit any new country. It is the perfect weather for taking a city walking tour, to go hiking and to see the urban or natural sights. Unless you are planning to ski or sunbathe, spring is the best time to be there. However, keep in mind the fact that the Argentinean spring is roughly in the months of September – November.

If you are in Argentina for the wine and you plan on going to the North of the country, then the fall months of March and April are perfect for this. The Northern areas are very difficult to visit in the summer months as temperatures are very high and powerful storms flood the roads.


Imagini pentru bottled water

Photo credit: Steven [email protected]  Bottled water

Tap water is generally said to be safe to drink. However, since this is still a work in progress nationwide, if you are traveling outside of the main urban areas, it is safer to use bottled water. People with sensitive stomachs should be extra careful and use bottled water even if the tap water in the region they are traveling to is considered clean. You should also avoid asking for ice in your beverages on the same principle.


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Argentinean grill

Foodies will enjoy their time spent in Argentina. However, vegans and vegetarians must be warned: this is a place where a lot of meat is eaten. What is more, the meat cooking techniques are celebrated among the locals and widely debated. If you do not feel comfortable being around steakhouses and discussions about how to best cook meat, it would be best to avoid these places as much as you can.

There are a lot of options for vegans as well, but expect meat lovers to praise their steak eating experience like religious revelations. Unfortunately, it comes with the package, but you must not let this affect your trip.


Argentina is a generally safe place to travel to. However, first-time travelers, and especially those who do not speak the language, are best to stay on the beaten tracks, in large groups of people and away from dark alleys at night. The locals are friendly and willing to help, but this does not mean that there are no pickpockets in crowded areas.

Although the political and social climate is stable, you can run into a demonstration, in which case it is wise to stay away and to take cover because these manifestations can become dangerous.

6.Health concerns

Be careful with mosquito bites when traveling to rural areas. There is a number of viral infections transmitted thusly and they will surely ruin your vacation. We are talking about Dengue Fever, Malaria and Yellow Fever. They are all very uncomfortable and at the beginning, their symptoms resemble those of the flu.


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Buenos Aires subway

You can rely on the transportation network in Argentina. You have the subway in Buenos Aires and above the ground there are buses and taxis. Longer distances can be covered by bus or by train. Some bus companies offer great travel conditions with food, drinks and Wi-Fi connections for higher ticket prices. Check ahead and book your ticket if you are planning a longer and more complex trip.

You can be as cautious as you want on your holidays. You can be the very careful traveler or you can throw caution to the wind. The choice is yours. But so are the consequences of this decision. What we have presented are some tips that can make your trip better with some careful planning and a few heads up pieces of information that can save time. The really important things like staying away from trouble and dangerous situations are still up to you.