TRADE on the SAN TELMON Sunday market

One of the most famous things in Buenos Aires is the San Telmo Sunday market. Even though he’s a tourist, I still love him. San Telmo is my favorite city in Buenos Aires and comes alive on Sundays.

The market spans Defensa Street from Plaza de Mayo. Not much happens until after lunch, so enjoy your day lazily and then head to Plaza de Mayo where you can see Casa Rosada, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Cabildo. From there, slowly walk down to the Defensa market.

There are antiques, jewelry, crafts, street performers and best of all street food. The pace is slow as the crowds get confused, so take your time and browse the cottages along the way.

The market culminates in the square in Dorrego. There are antiques here. Please note that these kiosks close at noon. 17, rather than those on the street.

Don’t miss the San Telmo covered market (with its antiques dealers and restaurant stalls). It takes a whole block between Defensa Estados Unidos and Carlos Calvo.

Can’t visit San Telmo on Sunday? Do not worry! You will always love it. The historic area is much quieter off the market (and you can still look for antiques in the internal market).


Soak up the culture of Argentina’s countryside on a day trip to one of the many working farms in the countryside around Buenos Aires.

The best administrators in the Buenos Aires area offer all the planned activities called dia de Campo all day long and include transport to and from the city.

A snack awaits you upon arrival, probably empanadas with wine or pastries with coffee to start the day.

The actual itinerary varies depending on the Estancia area, but all offer about the same: horseback riding, a full asado lunch, a folk music performance, and a tea break at the end of the day.

If you want to see one of the most charming small towns in Argentina, combine your visit to Estancia with a visit to San Antonio de Areco.


Another great day trip from Buenos Aires is the mouth of the Paraná River in Tigre. Take a river taxi or rent a private boat and enjoy the many branches of the river that explore the tropical islands, just an hour north of downtown Buenos Aires.

You can only get there by train from Retiro to Tiger. Once one of the lanchos (or water taxis) has been taken to Tres Bocas, the most popular island. There are a few restaurants here that stop for lunch after walking the trails and admiring the stacks.

If you’re on a budget, hiring and touring a private boat is ideal. Since water taxis (lanchas) run more than a city bus at scheduled stops, you will see much more of the estuary on your own boat and leave the crowds.

This tour is led by a local tiger who will take you into the water so you can see places you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Book it here.