What You Need to Know About the Seasons in Argentina before You Start Packing

What You Need to Know About the Seasons in Argentina before You Start Packing

How to Pack for Argentina?

So you are planning a trip to Argentina, or you just found out your office is sending you to Buenos Aires. How do you pack? Of course it depends on how much you already know about the difference in seasons between the Northern and Southern hemispheres. What is the worst thing that could happen? You could arrive smack in the middle of winter with a suitcase of bathing suits or with a suitcase of warm clothes to match an equally warm weather. Therefore, before rushing to pack, make some time to read up on the matter. You can start with this article as we have tried to make is as useful as possible.

Discover the seasons in Argentina


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Bariloche ski resort

The winter months of Argentina are the months of June to August. Frost and snow is frequent in the southern regions. However, compared to the cold season in the northern hemisphere, the surrounding oceans make for shorter and less harsh winters. The mean temperatures in these areas are of 4oC (39oF). The central parts have milder temperatures such as an average of 5oC (50oF) and the northern parts are fairly warm with average temperatures of 14oC (57oF).

Overall, the humid air makes the climate feel cooler than it is, so even is the winter is generally mild, you can still feel the cold. One interesting thing about winter in Argentina is that heat spells are possible. The capital of Buenos Aires can experience such a phenomenon several times in one season and temperatures can even rise to 18-21oC (64-69oF).


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Spring in Buenos Aires

Spring months in Argentina are September to November. The weather is pretty similar to that of autumn, with moderate temperatures during the day and cool nights. Once again, there are differences between the three areas of Argentina, the North, the Center and the South: an average of 20oC (68oF) in the North, of 14oC (57oF) in the center and of 8oC (46oF) in the South.


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Summer in Buenos Aires

December, January and February are summer months in Argentina with temperatures ranging from 26oC (79oF) in the North to 12oC (54oF). Temperatures in the south do not increase too much, not even during the Argentinean summer, on account of the maritime influence. At higher altitudes, the average temperatures are even lower.

In the north, the weather is very hot and humid, making it less advisable to travel. There is also a high level of precipitations that flood the roads and can leave tourists cut off from the main access routes. In such conditions, siestas become mandatory, mainly on account of the high temperatures that make it difficult to perform daily tasks in the middle of the day, when the sun is in full force.


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Photo credit: Leonora [email protected]Autumn in the Buenos Aires botanical garden

Autumn is autumn everywhere. The leaves turn a lovely shade of red and the natural scenery is a delight. The Argentinean autumn months are the March, April and May months. Average temperatures in the North are of 22oC (72oF). Central average temperatures are of 16oC (61oF) while in the south they can drop as low as 10oC (50oF), especially in the areas with higher altitudes.

Fall is a pleasant season in Argentina. It comes with comfortably cooler nights after the hot summer ones, especially in the north. Rain occurs but it is mainly occasional and most of the days are sunny.

When is the best time to visit Argentina

Moderation is always the best answer for everything. This makes the months of spring and autumn best for visiting Argentina as well. Not that summer or winter months must be avoided, but because it is better to deal with an average temperature of around 20oC (68oF) than having to worry about temperatures that are too high or too low.

Sure, if you are going skiing, then winter months of June-August and the southern resorts are be best choice. If you want to go hiking and mountain climbing, it is best to avoid the northern regions in summer and choose the southern ones with lower temperatures.

If you plan on hitting some of Argentina’s amazing beaches, then you might be thinking of going there in the summer months, right? Actually, going to the beaches of Mar del Plata, for example, is best done in the off season, when it is less crowded and when the near-by cities have a more relaxed vibe. Are you afraid that the offer of accommodations and entertainment will be lower than in full season? Don’t be.

When to go on wine tours? Due to the fact that the experience in wineries depends on the place and on the attitude of the hosts more than on anything else, you could go there in any season. However, autumn has a different type of appeal and you can enjoy the red foliage and the walks in the vineyards are more romantic.

We do not know when you will be traveling for Argentina, but we do hope that our article packed with information on the seasons in this country will help you in your next task: that of choosing the clothes for your trip. All that is left for us to do now is to wish you bon voyage!